Be Right Back!

Day 68 March 9, 2014

A Time For Renewal

A Time For Renewal

Oh my!  I have roofers pounding on my roof and painters scraping the walls inside.  A demolition crew is in the bathroom!  Tree trimers are in my yard.

Sounds horrible…it actually DOES sound horrible!  My whole house is shaking and quaking.  I am packed and ready to go out the door and head for the peace of the mountains.  But as I sit at the computer this morning and attempt a moment of reflection before going, I can’t help but recognize the place of Lent I am in.

Fasting and introspection, going on the journey with Jesus toward Passion Week and finally the Resurrection – all this is a transforming experience to bring disciples closer to being “Easter People”.  Just like parts of my home are currently ripped out down to the studs, the adventure of Lent helps us to see those things about us that we like to cover up with paint and tile and other pretty things.  Yet just like the current condition of my home…Lent is also a time for renewal, purification, and sanctification.  As the wall imperfections are plastered and repaired I am reminded of God’s loving grace and forgiveness and the linen white paint creates a clean canvas once again.

Soon all these laborers will be done and gone.  My home will be renewed and refreshed.  It will be a welcoming and hospitable place to receive friends and family and even strangers.  My prayer is that as I go deeper on my Lenten journey, I too, will be made over, renewed and refreshed, that my heart might be transformed into greater love and compassion in the name of Christ.

So…as you might have guessed, I will be taking a short break from my daily blogging.  The painters are ready for me to unplug my computer.  I think maybe that’s the point this time of year…to unplug and go to the mountain to listen for God’s voice.

I will be in the wilderness a while…be right back though!  -Trish

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