Don’t Cry – Bake Pie!

Day 236  August 26, 2013

“Laugh and grow strong”   ― St. Ignatius of Loyola

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“Carry something with you all day-preferably something you’ve made-and document it in a variety of locations.” -from 365 A Daily Creativity Journal by Noah Scalin

A TRUE STORY:  Today was of THOSE days!  Waking up on Monday morning sometime before sunlight o’clock am to dogs barking at who knows what.  Let them outside.  Wait in dark.  Let them in.  Back to bed.  Can’t sleep.  Get up and go make coffee.   Mmmm  –  a French Vanilla kind of morning.  Sit down at computer to read email, blog, and whatever else needs to be done.  WHAT?  No internet!  All addiction symptoms kick in – room swirls, head spins, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate.  OK…calm down.  Shut down computer.  Turn it on again with great expectation.  Go to fetch email.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zippo!  Repeat from “OK…calm down.”  Repeat again, only without expectation.

Plan B while waiting for an answer from the ethers about how to get the internet up and running again:  Shower, wash hair, dress, brush teeth, wait for inspiration.  Still hopeful.

Get in shower – cold water!  Check faucet.  Turn off faucet.  Get out of shower.  Get dressed.  Try several faucets throughout the house waiting for magic to happen.  Finally, fearing the worst go to check hot water heater.  AAaacckk!  Two inches of rusty water covering the floor.  Mop floor.  Toss out ruined stuff.  Go to Home Depot.  Purchase new water heater.  Check bank account.  Frown.

Plan C while waiting for repair person.  Ta-da!  (Light shines from heavens!)  Seeing perfectly ripe fresh peaches on kitchen counter.  BAKE PIE!  Turn the day around.  Smell the golden crust.  See the bubbling filling.  Pie out of oven.  Cool pie.  New water tank installed.  Here, have some pie!  Share pie.  Be grateful!

End of day – Ignatian Exam.   1 )Feel God’s Presence- Totally!  2 )Review the Day With Gratitude –  Whew!  We made it through.  Thank you for enough….enough stamina, enough financially, enough physically, enough peaches.   3)  Examine Feelings – Content, Grateful, Hopeful.  4)  Focus Prayer on a Portion of the Day – Thanks be to God for fresh peaches and patience.  Thanks be to God for the skill and love of baking that enabled me to make something positive of the day.  Thanks be to God for holding me in the palm of your hand and giving me peace to smile and share and love through a stormy day.  Now I listen for your words to me.  Amen   5)  Look forward to tomorrow.

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Love God, Love Christ, Love Others. I am passionate about creating Missional Relationships that encourage disciples to personify Christ's message. As a minister in a Community of Christ congregation in Virginia I am learning everyday what it means to be vulnerable, to risk, to experiment, to share in a world that needs the redemptive healing of Christ. View all posts by 365MissionalPractice

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