Mojo, Me, and Grace

Day 205  July 25, 2013

Mojo Burger

Mojo Burger

“Make a meal that doesn’t look like what it actually is and serve it to friends.”  -from 365 A Daily Creativity Journal by Noah Scalin

OK…So I didn’t actually make the hamburger, but I did serve it to one of my best friends…my dog Mojo.  In this picture he is brand new, only a few weeks old.  We didn’t know each other very well yet.  I didn’t know that he and I would have wonderful snuggles during afternoon naps on the couch, or that he was so smart he learned thirty five tricks.  (Well maybe not thirty five…but a whole bunch!)  I also didn’t know that I would stay up all night worrying and watching over him after his surgery on his back leg.  My husband and I carried him a lot while he was healing, too…up and down the stairs, outside and back in…to his dinner and water dishes.   I did that because I love him.   When we took this picture I didn’t know yet that, although he is very smart, he has a problem with his brain…he has seizures and has to take medicine everyday…twice.
What I did know on this day was that there had been a little puppy born in the midst of madness…a puppy mill in West Virginia….and that he needed a safe home, some food, and lots of love, all of which were abundantly available in my house and heart.  And I also knew I needed him, too.  He had wonderful love to give and willingly received all that I offered…even a giant rubber hamburger.  He is always ready to forgive with a wag of his tail if I forget or make him wait.  I forgive him when he doesn’t remember his “good puppy manners.”  We give each other grace.
Mojo is a great teacher showing me everyday how to be in good relationship with the people that come into my life.  He reminds me to share what I have whether it be food or love or time together.  He teaches me to be forgiven and to forgive quickly and move forward.  He shows me how to give and receive God’s Grace without question or demand.
Isn’t that what we are called to do as Missional Communities?  Aren’t we to go to the people born into a world of madness and offer them a place at the table and a room in our hearts?  And when we find their broken parts that need healing or the stinking parts that need forgiving are we not asked to offer those things as well?  And the beauty of these relationships is that in our giving we find our own healing, forgiveness, and God’s wonderful grace filling our lives with joyful celebration.
Thank You God for all your creatures that reveal to us your nature and teach us how to live.  Amen!

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