House of Light Spirit

Day 56   February 25, 2013


“Make something heavy seem light.”  from 365 A Daily Creativity Journal by Noah Scalin

OK…Today is FEBRUARY 25th, not December 25th.  AND I didn’t build this gingerbread house today either.  But every time I see this picture I smile…it lightens my load and reminds me that God must have a sense of humor.  I actually built this several of years ago.  I was troubled and weighed down that year by some of the many burdens life brings.  My father had passed away earlier that year and my mother wasn’t in the best of health.  Another dear friend had moved far away.    And we had to have out beloved dog, Ceasar put to sleep. Other losses, less profound, happened that year, too and I found myself falling into that dark place that one travels through when carrying a heap of grief.  By the time Christmas was rolling around I felt hollow and lifeless.  The season of celebration seemed bleak and long and mirrored my soul.   I searched Scriptures about Christ’s birth and instead of the joy of angels and salvation all my eyes could see was a tired and rejected Mary and King Herod’s threats…not exactly the spirit of Christmas.  I prayed to God that I could somehow see that Christmas star, to embrace the Christ child, to be filled with life and light again.  One morning I awoke with a single thought…  Build a house…a house of light.  “How absurd”, I thought.  But as I sat down at my desk the plans flowed and before I knew it I was standing in the middle of cardboard and plastic pipe and twisty ties and strings and strings of lights. IMG_2195 It was the first day in a long time that I was able to focus on something.  As I pictured my “house of light” my enthusiasm for my project grew until at last in the early darkness of the evening I flipped the switch and there it was! My house of light!  IMG_2201And not only the one made of cardboard and twisty ties and pipes, but ME!  Something switched on in me!  Now, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story.  My neighborhood has an annual contest for Christmas house decorations.  Various awards are given for things like Most Creative or Unique.  The judges strike at night and the winners wake up to a cleverly painted sign in the yard.  Yes…the next morning I had the Spirit Award displayed in front of my House of Light Spirit.  I love to laugh with God!IMG_2206

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Love God, Love Christ, Love Others. I am passionate about creating Missional Relationships that encourage disciples to personify Christ's message. As a minister in a Community of Christ congregation in Virginia I am learning everyday what it means to be vulnerable, to risk, to experiment, to share in a world that needs the redemptive healing of Christ. View all posts by 365MissionalPractice

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