Another Ending and New Beginning

It's Time!

It’s Time!

Today is another ending.  I kind of like endings.  Done.  Finished.  Complete.

There is a sense of accomplishment, or in the case of the year 2012…a sense of survival.  Sometimes endings signify success like eating that last piece of pie and remembering all that went into it.  After all baking a pie isn’t complete until the last piece has been eaten.

Endings are also about letting go, surrendering to something that once was and is no more.  The bittersweet moment of the last page of a book with characters that have become your friends and their thoughts – your thoughts. Lives that have become entwined through ivory pages are separated by the ending of the final chapter.  Real life relationships , like characters of a book, have their times for letting go too.  Marbled memories of times gone by keep the story alive and fresh in mind but the chapters are complete…done, ended.

The thing I like most about an ending of something is how it creates the way for something new to begin.  A new year, a new opportunity, a new adventure.

So here we are at another ending and a new beginning.  As I jump into the new year I am beginning a new challenge that comes from my love of all things spiritually inspired and my enthusiasm for creativity.  Combining these passions brings me to this new beginning of journaling my way through 2013 by creating something everyday inspired by my spiritual journey.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, said the ancient philosopher, Lao Tzu. The travel through this year is only 365 days, but who knows how many miles!

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